Add a new stream of deals with Real Estate SEO.

Stop relying on referrals and diversify your Canadian real estate business with a proven way of getting more deals online.

Who do we help?

We team up with residential realtors in Canada to show their unique strengths, expert skills, and dazzling smiles to people looking online for the right real estate agent to work with. Together, we strategize the best plan to capture customers who require your services. Speak with us if you are:

  • Currently mostly relying on referrals and want to diversify
  • An established agent already doing at least 2 transactions a month
  • Not successfully leveraging your website to get clients
  • Already actively trying to grow your business

If you don’t match these criteria, don’t worry, we have something else coming for you soon!

Benefits that make you stand out

Our expert team at Realtor Rise oversees every aspect of your campaign from search engine optimization, web design, content creation and more to ensure maximum success for every inch of your website.

Unlike sites that simply offer bland templates and empty promises, we understand that trust and relationships drive your business.

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Values quantity of leads over quality of leads
No relationships built with prospective clients
Sign up multiple clients, even your competitors
Zero or limited support


Generates a steady supply of high quality leads
Cultivate relationships that get clients interested in you
Exclusivity; we don’t take on more than one client in each market
Support from marketing experts

Our work

When Maverick Group first approached us about developing a digital marketing strategy to draw more customers in, we were ready to tackle the challenge head-on. Through in-depth research about Derek and his brand, we increased his website traffic, ROI, and revenue significantly in 2019, 2020 and 2021. We later partnered to form what you now see as the Realtor Rise brand.

Results from our campaign in 2022


Deals generated




Return on investment
Maverick Group REALTOR Website

What makes us different

Having a team with expertise in both digital marketing and real estate, alongside a tested and proven strategy, is invaluable. Where other companies only focus on driving you leads, we help you with converting them and creating support systems in your business to handle the growth.

Done-for-you service

We go through every detail with you so that we can create a strategy tailored to your business. We handle everything with just a few things needed from you to get us going.

In-house marketing

No more wasting hours, deliberating over which marketing tactic to try next. We manage the budget, track it's success and continually improve it to drive you more business.

Who we are

Realtor Rise is a Canadian digital marketing and search engine optimization agency created to help you build trusting relationships with prospective clients and turn those relationships into transactions. We’re on a mission to grow your business by increasing your revenue while assisting with handling the growth internally.

About Us

The team

Tom Watts Go Top Shelf

Tom manages the campaigns and development at Realtor Rise. As a pro in web development, SEO, and analytics, he pours countless hours into ensuring his clients’ performance is always at their best.