About us

We’re always up to the challenge and ready to make an impact on your business. Meet the faces behind Realtor Rise and find out how we’re ready to bring you to the top of the real estate game.

Who we are

As certified experts in all things digital, we’re here to support you through all your needs, including content creation, search engine optimization, and paid advertising to guarantee a 6-month return on your investment. Our team at Realtor Rise is composed of specialists who combine digital marketing, real estate expertise, and SEO insights to grow your career in a short time so that you can focus on your clients.

We’re passionate about cultivating new client relationships for you to grow your business and support you through the stages of your growth.

What's important to us?

We work to find you clients who are as ready to go as you are. Any marketing company can promise you dozens of leads a month, but how many of them turn into something more? We’ve noticed realtors struggling to get high quality leads, and we’re confident we can help.

Our goal is to help realtors across Canada receive a consistent flow of new clients.

But what about your competitors? Realtor Rise only works with one realtor per market to ensure we focus exclusively on your success. We concentrate our efforts on building the perfect strategy, targeting the right audience, and providing professional assistance to assure you success in the shortest amount of time.

Our Guarantee

The team

Tom Watts Go Top Shelf

Tom is the brain behind Realtor Rise’s website development, strategic plans, and so much more to get your business out there. In 2016, Tom launched Go Top Shelf as the answer to quality web design for local Calgary companies, with superior development, latest trends, and powerful SEO strategies. Since its inception, Go Top Shelf has only taken off–not to brag, but we have awards from 2020 and 2021 for Best Web Design Company and Local Excellency.

Go Top Shelf operates on transparency, honesty, problem-solving, and of course offering the best quality. Having launched over 100 projects and having a 97% client retention rate, Go Top Shelf has the experience and skills to help businesses achieve their goals while offering complete transparency. As a leading agency, we take care of our clients, guaranteeing they get results.

Derek Timmons Maverick Group

When it comes to understanding homes and what people want, Derek knows the the real estate business inside out. What makes his experience even more valuable is his knowledge of homes themselves, having previously worked in residential construction. After 16 years working on houses, it was time to work in one. Derek’s real estate business, Maverick Group, saw a modest number of transactions each month and knew with the right website, he could reach more people in the market.

Since working with Tom and Go Top Shelf, Maverick Group has taken off to the top of Google search results for homes in Airdrie. Within six months of launching his website, organic traffic growth, conversion rates, and return on investment surpassed expectations. Derek is now supporting Realtor Rise clients to create and control the same growth he has.