Our guarantee at Realtor Rise

Our guarantee

We’ve tried other real estate marketing services – they’re not great.

They can drive a lot of leads, but the quality is low and they aren’t worth the time it takes to manage them.

It’s important to us that if you’re going to trust us to grow your business, we actually do so. So we decided very early on that we wanted to be different. We decided we would not only promise to deliver results, but ensure that we’re delivering on that promise.

That’s where our guarantee comes in.

Return on investment from Realtor Rise

Return on investment

When working with us we want to ensure that you get your money back, and then some, within a reasonable timeframe.

Our campaigns take some time to set up, and some of our systems also take some time to pick up steam. But, we’re confident that we can deliver success reliably within 6 months for each of our clients.

We ran the numbers, and what we came up with is a guarantee that we’ll provide you with at least 8 new client engagements in the first 6 months of your campaign. That typically provides you with a 100% return on your investment or more, in terms of revenue – depending on your market.

If we don’t deliver on that promise, we’ll continue your campaign for free, including any ad spend, for up to an additional 6 months. If it still isn’t working at the end of 12 months, clearly there is something more significant wrong, and we’ll commit to working with you to resolve that.

Our pricing is fixed, so as our campaigns mature, you get more business for the same price. Our guarantee is simply to ensure that you’re making money within 6 months of starting with us.

Market exclusivity with Realtor Rise

Market exclusivity

What good is it if we’re working for you, and everyone else in your market?

To be truly dedicated to your success, we’ve decided that we absolutely cannot work with your competitors. To do so would be a conflict of interests, and quite frankly, a dishonest way to conduct our business.

If you’re working with us, your market is your market, and we will only help you to succeed in it.

Business support from Realtor Rise

Business support

New challenges can crop up suddenly in any business.

We’ve structured our services in a way where if you’re facing an issue that may affect your business’s success, we want to help you solve it. After all, if you can’t convert the leads we send you, we can’t deliver on our guarantee – and we take that personally.

Whether it’s with admin, staffing, sales or any other area of the “behind the scenes” in your real estate business, we’re committed to supporting you through it.